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It's been a while, but am back with a review of some excellent journals from that most excellent chap Rob at Made For Ink down in sunny Rutland. 

I've been using MfI journals for quite a long time now and jumped at the chance to review his two latest offerings - The Exorcise Book and the Chalk Stripe Journal.

Let's look at the Exorcise Book first of all ...

Standing at 24cm tall and just a shade under 17cm wide, this little gem looks - from the outside at least - like a school exercise jotter. So far, so vanilla.  HOWEVER, when you open your Exorcise Book, you quickly see that Rob's not prone to making spelling errors and that the Exorcise Books are perfect for anyone with an interest in Witchcraft.  Or even just a journal with fountain pen friendly paper!

There are four types of paper available - plain, lined, dot grid and square - so you can find the perfect look for your writing project. The paper is 100gsm uncoated extra white smooth finish - and hails from Scotland (like myself), so I'm quite pleased about that!  There are 60 pages per journal, so a lot of space for recording the innermost workings of your fiendish little mind. And at £6.95 each they won't break the bank either.

The plain one is great for sketching in pencils and the whiteness lets you lay down a true colour, but at 100 gsm, the paper will crinkle wickedly if you try watercolours.  So, stick to charcoal, graphite, colour pencils or even coloured pens - just don't go crazy with wetness! 

I experimented with cross-hatching and the paper was absolutely perfect until I decided to colour in my final box with fountain pen ink - then some bleed through occurred.  But let's be honest, nobody is going to be going mad and colouring in with a fine-nibbed fountain pen!

The dot-grid is perfect for stuffing into a bag and taking out for some nature journalling that includes sketches - I can easily box off areas in an arty way, and still write straight on the page!

I am currently studying Scottish Gaelic and really, the Devil himself has constructed Gaelic grammar, so I am using the lined one as a vocabulary book.

My fountain pens are not super wet and I favour a fine to medium nib, so these are perfect for me - no bleed through or problems on the other side of the page,

Each Exorcise book comes with a different coloured cover to help you differentiate between journals on your shelf.  And the inside covers reveal lots of interesting witchy stories (hence the Exorcise name!)

Meet Matthew Hopkins, the Witchfinder General and John Dee, Queen Elizabeth I's astrologer! Learn about the Malleus Maleficarum and uncover the story of Rutland's own link to the witch trials.  

My attempt at an arty collage shot of the
Exorcise and Chalk Stripe Journals.

Top two images - cross hatch in Exorcise Book and other side of page
Bottom two images - cross hatch in Chalk Stripe and other side of page

The Chalk Stripe journals are smaller - A5 sized - with a heavier cover that looks like a smart pinstripe suit. These come in a choice of three paper styles - dot grid, lined and plain. Open the journal and just as you have with the most top-notch designer suits, you have the surprise of a smart, bright lining paper. With 40 pages of 120gsm smooth natural white paper, this is a more robust animal than the Exorcise Book - fit for all your scribbling (and doodling!) in the board room.  And at only £7.95 each, you won't have to be the CEO to buy them!

These two offerings, the Chalk Stripe and the Exorcise Book, are just the latest offerings from Made For Ink.  These are beautifully finished, hand-made journals from England with Scottish paper, packaged beautifully - even including a set of irreverent stickers lol! What is not to like about that?! 

Need an elastic to hold your journal closed? Rob's got those in stock too!

Here's a link - go and fill your boots! 

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