Brass in Pocket | Schondsgn Pocket 6 Fountain Pen

Pocket 6 brass fountain pen
The Pocket 6
I'm back in the fountain pen saddle and, thanks to Scribble, currently inking my journal with the gleaming brass bullet that is the Pocket 6 from the Philadelphia studio, Schondsgn.

First impressions of the pen: It reminded me immediately of a luxury brand lipstick bullet. Closed, it's quite short, coming in at 9cm.  So this would not look out of place in an evening purse or on a dressing table.  That's not to say this is a feminine pen by any means, because it also reminds me of an actual bullet - the sort of thing Lemmy might stuff into his belt as he roars off down a dusty highway on his Harley. 

If Lemmy ever used a fountain pen, that is.