Montegrappa | Fortuna Rainbow

I'm a big fan of the tat that you can buy in T K Maxx and the T K Maxx Gallery of Horror group on Facebook is THE most excellent place to chillax and tat-watch.

But apparently T K Maxx also sells ... FOUNTAIN PENS!!!

It was at this point the husband of lovely fountain pen personage Emmy, played a BLINDER and bought her this Montegrappa Fortuna Rainpow pen.

Strewth, I love it!

And it could not be more gay if it tried.  I am calling this pen, Gay Perry.  And if you haven't seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, I recommend that you watch it immediately.  Then you'll get the joke.

Comes in lovely presentation box, yes? 

Got fancy little end thing in the cap.
I have ALL the technical terms.

Montegrappa is written on the silver band.
And look at how nicely the colours line up from the barrel to the cap?

oops, too dark!

And the flash is not a huge improvement
Photography skills - I haz not got them.

I was only supposed to have Gay Perry for a week or so, but Reader, I put him into his snug little box for posting onwards to the next reviewer umpteen times, but I kept taking him back out.

How could you not be cheerful writing with this pen?!

What impressed me about the pen was that it never gave me a hard start.  Whether it came straight from the box, upright in my pen stand.  Not used for a couple of days .... always wrote like a dream.

I have not a clue about quality nibbage and I know that Scribble found the nib not very good.  I thought that the nib was fine.  Nice and smooth - and I'm a left-hooker.  So maybe it WAS smoother for me.

The pen was hugely 'spendy though.  While I love him and wave to him fondly across the ether to his home in Emmy's house, I could not afford to keep him.  But he is without a doubt, the most smile-making pen I have used!

To buy your own:  Montegrappa's website - £230.00 - comes with fancy pashmina.  Emmy's didn't, but then it came from The Maxx, which is fancy in a different way ....


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