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The fountain pens used by Oskar Schindler are going up for auction.

The two fountain pens  are presented in a hinged Parker case, annotated inside the cover in ballpoint by Emilie Schindler's biographer Erika Rosenberg. Emilie was Oskar's wife.  The inscription reads:

"Nachlass Oskar Schindler 1957 in Buenos Aires bei Emilie hinterlassen. Oskar Schindler 1908-1974. Erika Rosenberg Weihnachten 2007."

Translation:  Bequest of Oskar Schindler, left in 1957 in Buenos Aires with Emilie. Oskar Schindler 1908-1974. Erika Rosenberg Christmas 2007.

You may be young and you may not have heard of Oskar Schindler.  In fact, if there hadn't been a book or a film about him, possibly I wouldn't know about him either.

The book - here's a link to it:  https://amzn.to/2SK78jr

Oskar was a German industrialist and member of the Nazi party who saved over 1,000 Jewish lives during the Holocaust, by having them work in his factories.

He is a bona fide hero.  When he died on 9 October 1974 in Hildesheim, Germany, he was buried in Jerusalem on Mount Zion.

Oskar Schindler is the only member of the Nazi Party to be honoured in this way.


The rest of the items on this Schindler's Auction List, offered as a single lot:

A 1938 Sudetenland Medal
His Longines wristwatch
A compass
A business card

As of 5 March, the lot's highest bid at RRAuction is $30,600.

Edit:  The auction closed on $46,303.00

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