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Nick Stewart is the artistic genius behind Fountain Pen Inks & Bleach and I have been an admirer of the clever and beautiful artwork that he produces for some time.

Nick teaches people how to create these artworks with, yes, you've guessed it, fountain pen inks and bleach.  I have stalked his facebook page with mounting frustration - I live too far away to contemplate attending one of his workshops.  And with loads of fountain pen ink samples to play with, I really wanted to get involved.

We, the arty faithful, begged him to get some kind of online teaching resource sorted out for those of us who live on the outer edges of civilisation and - guess what?! He's listened to us and now he's got a Basics Course is available in Udemy!

I signed up quicker than President Trump can sign a cheque to Stormy Daniels and, reader, I was IN!

It's priced at £49.99 for lifetime access and includes 1.5 hours of video, a downloadable and a 30 day money back guarantee. 

There are a couple of introductory episodes - how to get yourself set up, paper, brushes etc and then 12 Tutorials - including landscapes, portraits and abstract calligraphy.  These beautiful tutorials are rounded off by two final episodes - how to care for your artwork and next steps.

I have all the patience of Stormy Daniels waiting for her cheque to cash, so as soon as I got access, I set about watching the whole thing from start to finish.  This comes to about and hour and a quarter's worth of video!

And what a pleasure it is to watch!

He explains how he creates his eye-catching swatch cards so that you might recreate them yourself with your own ink samples, two landscapes, journeys into sheening inks - enjoying the serendipitous chromatography of the inks on their own before experimenting with the effects of bleach. It's absolutely MAGICAL!

Of course, as with all good teachers, he makes it look effortless and soon I was banging about in the cupboard getting jam jars mobilised, paper cut, brushes chosen, bleach mixed .... and ink chosen.

Reader, it's not as easy as Nick makes it look, but, you know what? I was not in the least bit discouraged by my first attempts at swatching.  It was as relaxing and zenlike a state as I have managed to achieve in many months!

My successful attempts with my swatch cards

I am planning to work through the tutorials at the rate of one a week - to really use them as a tool to help me unwind.  With the lifetime access option, you don't need to worry about battering through them in a set 3-month window (as has been the case with other art training I have purchased online).

And here are my less than successful initial swatches - but they are still pretty interesting aren't they? That Parker Quink with its unexpected gold tinge is superb!

My unsuccessful swatches! Still pretty interesting, yes?

Fancy it? Well, if you are quick, Nick has got a discount that you can apply and instead of £49.99, the course will only cost you £25.99!
Visit Nick's site to pick up the code! 

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