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Elrohir Leather Journal Cover
So, this is what all the fuss is about! Elrohir Leather journal covers are chanted like a sacred mantra in the bullet journalling world and now that I've held, smelled and used one of their journal covers, I'm utterly smitten!

Let me tell you a little bit about Elrohir Leather. 

Mischa Rose (the talent behind Elrohir) is located in Darkest Wales and use old tools to hand-craft beautiful and durable leather items.  As the beautiful saddle stitching confirms, they have a background in leatherwork for horses.  And, just as saddles, halters and bridles need to be functional and tough - so are their leather journal covers.

The beautiful journal products have an ethereal, otherworldly look to them that fits perfectly with their Celtic/Medieval/Magickal vibe.  The name Elrohir itself comes from a character in that most Celtic/Medieval/ Magickal book, Lord of The Rings.  The 'horse lord' is such a fitting title for the glorious work that Elrohir create. 

Let's take a look at this journal cover - first of all it's beautiful to look at - hand-dyed in shades of blue and stamped with a pretty eastern-inspired floral mandala on the front (rear is unstamped, painted only). 

Mandala decoration

Elrohir logo

Please take a look at the range of designs that they offer on their Etsy page - there are traditional designs, contemporary designs, muted colours, brights .... something for everyone.

It smells divine.  Unlike some suppliers, Elrohir really do use leather and really thick stuff at that!  Your journals (and books) will be well-protected within these sturdy batters (2.5mm thick leather!).

Inside we have a sleeve front and back for loose sheets and the rear pocket has the Elrohir horse stamped on it.

Elrohir Leather | Open view

It has FIVE elastics for holding your journals in place and three of those are doubles, so EIGHT elastics in total.  Given the crafty ways of joining more than one journal to a single elastics, the possibilities for eight elastics is quite mind-boggling!  And don't worry, the spine is suitably broad to accommodate a vast pile of journals - and even the odd paperback!

Not even half-full!

The whole thing is kept secure by an elastic loop - all elastics in the same complementary blue shade.

Mischa has got every size of journal cover - from mini-doris (starting from £14.00) right through to custom made - even A4 sized (approx £90).  If you can't find what you are looking for at Elrohir, then I don't think you'll find it anywhere!

But it's not just journal covers that Elrohir make - they even make their own inserts - plain paper, dot grid, pastel-coloured and all blissfully fountain pen friendly!

So, what's it like to use? It's gorgeous to look at, smells divine and you just feel special when you pull it out of your bag.  And people DO pass remark on how pretty it is.  Of course, the more journals you carry in it, the heavier the whole shebang becomes - but that's the same of any journal cover you might use!

These are not cheap.  But then it IS proper leather and a hand-made quality product. It will make a beautiful gift for someone or an extra special treat to yourself.  It will last you a lifetime.  And beyond.

Find more by Elrohir on Etsy


  1. They are beautiful, aren't they?! I'm hoping to get my review up tomorrow :) I love Mischa's work.

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