Tom Hiddleston As Fountain Pens

My new favourite person on Tumblr has found fountain pens that look like Tom Hiddleston.

And it's genius!

thank you Emmy Gregory for this!
Red Scharlach was inspired in her pursuit of fountain pens that look like gorgeous Tom because: " A Guardian film review described Tom as “tall, thin, blue-suited and looking somewhat like a fountain pen” and I decided to run with it…"  GENIUS I TELL YOU!

I am ashamed to call myself a Tom Hiddlestoner AND a fountain pen fan for not thinking of this particular fruitful seam of potential purchases myself.

And even better, my Californian friend Anastasia Haysler told me that Red had posted an update - with pens that reflect Tom in his Coriolanus mode:

And now you must excuse me as I go for a brief lie down in a darkened room as I contemplate Tom.  And the cost of all these pens!