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Something has happened to my camera!
An inky friend sent me a sample of J Herbin's 'Violet' scented ink today and I confess that this is my first foray into the world of scent and ink.

Unscrewing the cap from the sample, there was a definite waft of my childhood: Picture the scene.

It is sometime during the summer, 1970s, central Scotland.  We all played outside together in a huge cloud of argumentative small people, so that when the ice cream man jingled his way up the street, we were all gasping for something .... and for me it was Parma Violets.  Or Parama Violets as I thought they were called.

J Herbin's violet ink is most definitely violet-scented.

But, I was EXPECTING it to be violet scented.  I sit in the ladycave with my ink, pen and calligraphy paper and look over to the garage where my other half, Tartarus, is fixing Someone's motorbike.  The Someone is also there.  Two bikers.  Violet-scented ink.  What could possibly go wrong?

I ask Tartarus to sniff the ink vial - he agrees, definitely violets.  We ask Someone to sniff my writing sample.  With his eyes closed.  Because the writing sample kind of gives the game away.  The someone gamely closes his eyes and inhales (very trustingly, if I may say so).  'It's definitely something flowery,' he said.  I suggest violets and he agrees.  Smells like Parma Violets.

It was the Covenant pen that I bought from Ian Hedley during a recent pen purge that I used to sample the ink.  It writes like an absolute dream! I dipped the pen once and got a whole page of writing out of it - look!

OMG wtf has happened to my camera?!

Alrighty, something odd is going on with my photos and I don't know what it is.  *disappears to put on specs and bang some buttons*

It would seem that I had inadvertently put on some kind of weird photo effect.  So sorry about that.

Here's what the ink looks like when it's not trying to look like Gigi Hadid.

It wrote a whole page before pegging out after a single dip!

Got a whole page out of one dip - what a pen!

Isn't it a pretty ink colour?

And I can confirm that hours after writing, there was still a scent wafting up from the page.  

Who needs this ink? Anyone who wants their writing experience to be a veritable feast for the senses! The scent is lovely - if you like violets.  

In the language of flowers, violets stand for 'modesty' because they are such small flowers, easily over-looked if you're not careful.  Well, don't overlook this ink.  It's a divine colour and with the scent, it opens up a whole new sensory experience for the writer and recipient.

My first foray into scented ink, but absolutely not my last!

Set of 5 inks available in 10ml bottles from Bureau Direct
for £13.50!

** Edit ** the lovely Emmy Gregory confirms that 18 months after she scribed a note in J Herbin's scented Apple ink (blimey, it's a VERY vibrant green!) it still smells of apples.  So, result!!!

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