Scrikss Pens | Noble 35 Titanium

OK, so it sounds like the sort of noise a dolphin might make, but actually it's from the Catalan word 'Scribir' which means 'to write'.  Why is a Turkish company named after a Catalan word? Well, that's because the company originated in Spain and in the 1950s, the brand name was sold onwards to a Swiss company and then on again to its current home in Turkey.

Enough of the history lesson, let's take a look at the pen!

I'll be honest and say that I am attracted to fancy things - Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston and Cillian Murphy to name but three.  So, when I clicked open the Scrikss presentation box and saw this slender gun-metal pen, I was a bit ... flat.

However, I've been using it in earnest for all sorts of things - taking Minutes, jotting down notes, carting it around in my handbag - and do you know what, it's a delight to use.

So, let me start with that presentation box - The pen is delivered inside a cardboard sleeve, but the box itself is branded on the outside top and inside lining with the company name and your pen nestles into a faux suede bed.  No complaints from me about the box.  It looks very nice.

In the box you get the pen, the converter, three cartridges and a 99 year warranty. That's right NINETY NINE YEARS! That doesn't cover any damage covered by you, the owner, inflict on the beast,  but 99 years is pretty damned good - these guys have CONFIDENCE in their products.

On to the pen itself.  This is the Scrikss Noble 35 fountain pen in 'titanium' and you can see its full spec here on the English version of the Scrikss site.  They have loads of pen styles available, all very classic looking (and other things that are not fountain pens too!) and this one retails for about £35.00 in the UK note: you'll need to buy it outside of the UK - can't find it in online shops here!)

The lid is removed with a satisfying pop and can be posted - but doesn't pop when posting and actually feels like it could come off if you weren't careful.

Scrikss | Noble 35 in Titanium 

The nib on this pen is branded Scrikss and is steel with an iridium tip in Medium.  I simply couldn't get the camera to focus on the nib properly, I'm sorry, this is the best that I could do. You can see it better on the Scrikss website!


Better shot of the nib?

Another arty shot.  Lets you see the converter

So, the $6million question - how does it write?

Really nicely as a matter of fact! The nib has a little bit of flex in it, so not rock hard, which I like.  No matter what situation I whisked it out in - supermarket list writing, scribbling in the pub, scribbling in the office, it wrote like a dream at the first time, every time.  That's pretty good in my book!

Here's a little writing sample - look at the shimmer in that ink (kindly supplied by Gillian Dick)!!!!  It's Organics Studio 'Walden Pond' if you fancy it!

In summary then, what do I think? For £35.00 you get a deceptively nice pen in a quality presentation box - It's smooth and sleek, comfortable to hold, a nice and reliable writer, includes the converter and some ink to get you started AND a 99 year warranty.  For £35.00!!!!

Would make a great present for someone - maybe a 21st birthday or 'going off to uni' type of present.  Or maybe just keep it for yourself ....


  1. I like those sort of pens - elegant, clean lines, not plastic. Might be one for my wish list :D

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