Moonman Fountain Pen

Saw this on the Fountain Pens UK group on Facebook and had to have it.  It's a demonstrator and I am somewhat addicted to seeing the ink in my fountain pens at the moment.

I am exactly the same with the Dyson vacuum cleaner.  Hubby says that if he had known how fascinated I would be watching the dog hair filling up the dust compartment, he would have bought one years ago. 

I still don't do much hoovering, but when I do, I'm utterly engrossed.

Back to the pen.

Spotted it, as I say, on facebook and immediately tootled over to ebay to purchase one for myself - $14.49 including shipping. From China. You cannot beat that.

It arrived really quite quickly (within 2 weeks) and it is love at first sight.

First up - the box - white, sturdy, classy looking. Bit like m'self.

Inside the box - teeny weeny little fountain pen, a dropper and a box of ink cartridges.

The pen itself is plastic.  No getting away from it.  Plastic.  But the joy of the demonstrator is that you can change the ink to suit your mood and thus change the colour of the pen body at a whim.

Here it is, next to my Cross Botanica - teeny, right?
And with the cap posted?  Still pretty tiny - but look at the INK!

I wasn't going to bother with ink cartridges, this pen takes a mahooosive amount of ink if you just dropper it straight into the barrel.

Look at the blue black Beaufort ink - tis a thing of beauty!

It's got a fine nib with nil bounce - but I don't really expect something marvellously springy for $15.00 

How it writes - perfectly acceptably
It was filled with Beaufort's lovely Blue Black ink and despite writing pages and pages of waffle in my journal, the barrel is still almost full.

It's quite chunky to hold, so if you've got small hands (looking at you, President 45) this might be a bit tiring.  But as a fun pen to sling into your bag - it's bang on the money.


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