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When a package arrives addressed to 'The Wonderful Alison Cross' you can't help wondering whether someone has mixed up this curmudgeonly Scot with, perhaps, the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Ontario SPCA. I bet you she IS wonderful Or maybe the witch of a Scottish folk song.  Well, she's NOT wonderful now that I've checked out the lyrics. Honestly, I should really stop googling myself. 

Anyway, I decided that it WAS in fact for wonderful me and ripped into the package to find this:

A little packet from Pocket Notebooks.
Wrapped in purple tissue paper.  Isn't that sweet? 

Inside was a Berlin Notebook.  Now, the Berlin isn't just any old notebook, no sirree.  It says that it is made in Germany and from 100% recycled materials.  Very commendable. But would it work with a fountain pen?

Berlin and Namisu
Sounds like a new crime-busting duo on the TV.

So, here we go - a little page of hand-lettering - looks nice, no feathering to speak of.  But what's happening over the page? 

The bleed through was absolutely tiny - a couple of weeny spots.  Probably with a different pen wielded by someone who didn't press quite so hard there would be none at all.  Certainly not anything that would prevent you from writing on that page.

The Berlin Notebook is a winner because it's environmentally friendly and GREAT for fountain pen use!

Pocket Notebooks are now Nero's Notes (my dog's called Nero and the logo is now a black pupper, suits me)  But the same domain name reaches them so don't panic - you'll still find them!

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