LAMY | Vibrant Pink

This li'l teaser video that I picked up via Goulet Pens about the imminent LAMY in vibrant pink really appealed to me.

LAMY already has a fountain pen in fuchsia pink, in their Safari range.  THIS new one is from their Al Star range.  This means that the new pen will have a shiny metallic body as opposed to the Safari's plastic finish.

I wonder whether that vibrant pink might deter as many people as it attracts - would you hesitate before whisking out your pink pen in a business meeting more than you would if it was, say, ultraviolet (THE Pantone colour of 2018, people)? But then, maybe a vibrant pink pen is just the thing to tempt a non-user of fountain pens into the fold? 

I've already got a Safari and an Al Star - do I need another one? 

Let's be frank with each other here.  NONE of us needs any more fountain pens.  BUT we WANT them.  And if you want a fountain pen, a LAMY AL Star is a very affordable habit to develop. So, YOU BETCHA, I'll be looking for one of these when it comes out! 

You will be able to buy it with a choice of nib - remember that LAMY also supply left-handed nibs if you are buying for a south paw like m'self.

There will be a vibrant pink ink to go with this pen and I'll be interested to see how useable that ink is.  I have got some vibrant green which I simply cannot use because it's so difficult to read against a pale page.  Will the pink be easier on the eye?

What do you think of the bright pink? 


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