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The second of the sample vials sent to me for review from the Diamine Shimmer range of inks is Wine Divine.

This is a splendid dark plum shade with a very subtle gleam.  In fact, for me, the gleam was so subtle that if I didn't know that it was there, I might not see it.

Maybe I am just spoiled because Firefly performed so brilliantly, glittering over the page like an, erm, firefly.

So, in the interests of impartiality (and having another try at the Firefly) I wrote the same copy in my little Rhodia journal and here it is along with Firefly.

Diamine: Firefly

Diamine: Wine Divine
For me, Firefly gives a lot more shimmer bang for your buck than Wine Divine.  However, these inks do need to be well-shaken before you load them into your pen.  Perhaps I did not shake my Wine Divine vial for long enough.

I like the shading with this ink, even if the sheen is not as noticeable as the Firefly.

If you make the photographs large, you CAN see the shimmer in Wine Divine and when it does gleam, it's very pretty.  But I need more gleam than my WD writing sample currently shows.

I have one other Diamine Shimmer sample to look at and it's called Citrus Ice.  I will get a pen filled with it this week!

My brand new Wing Sung 618 has been lost somewhere on the high seas. Well, on the ferry.  I have turned the house upside down looking for it, but it's nowhere to be found.  Nothing else to do I guess but order myself another one .... *falls on sword*

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