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I was lucky enough to receive two samples from the new inks that Diamine have added to their hugely popular 'shimmer' range' - Firefly and Wine Divine.  That's 32 inks in the Shimmer range alone!

Firefly is one of my real-life favourite colours - the amazing red/orange of a roaring fire shot through with a golden glimmer.  I used a Jinhao 992 with a fine nib and yes, I could see the sheen of gold even with a fine line!

I'm discovering that glitter is quite tricky to photograph, but here's my attempt:

I am really sorry about the scrabbling noise in this, my big greyhound was re-arranging his blanket and I've only just noticed the noise that he was making.  Sooooreee! Watch with sound down and expand to fill the screen to see the shimmer.  I think I'll redo this video tomorrow, but at least it lets you see hints of the gleam *poor lighting in the office face*

So, this is in a lovely little notebook from Personalised Stationery that has Fedrigani paper which fountain pen friendly paper (no bleed, tiny shine through but nothing that would prevent you from writing on the other side).  Do you see the glimmer when I move the page back and forth?

This will absolutely be my ink of choice when it comes to writing out the ol' Christmas cards for me this year because it is such a cheerful shade.

I've also had a practice run with it in my cheapo jotter from The Factory Shop and I'm still getting the gleam when the paltry November light falls across the page!

I can imagine that in a broad nib (or a calligrapher's hands) Firefly will be absolutely stunning.  I love to support British businesses when I can and Diamine Inks have been making inks in the UK since 1864.  In other news, it's under a tenner for 50 gorgeous mls of the stuff, so all in all, this is a winner for me!

I've got Divine Wine to look at too ... just as soon as I can find where my other half has 'tidied' it away to, I'll pop that up here too.

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