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Well, it had to happen eventually - an ebay purchase too far.  A pen turned up from India this morning and after checking to see whether it was a late birthday pressie (last week - am still accepting gifts right up until third week in December) it seemed to be a fortuitous Gift From The Universe.

Upon checking my paypal, it would seem, however, that it was a slightly inebriated late-night purchase from ebay.

I *think* it was under a tenner and gosh, I am very enamoured of its gold-coloured trim against the transparent body.

It is also my first piston-filler and FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY will someone tell me how to fill it without the end result being this?

Lovely ink.  When it's not all over everything that you own.

I have turned into Shrek. Apart from the bad language: there I've turned into Billy Connolly.

My ironing board is ruined, RUINED I tell you!

I'm a bit partial to a demonstrator, I like seeing all the innards, and this one, with the gold trim instead of a silver-trim is easy on the eye.

There's nothing that I can see on the nib to indicate its size, but it gives a nice fine line, so I'm going for FINE being the nib of choice that fateful night on ebay.  It's marked 'iridium point' and, if I'm being honest, feels a bit scratchy.

God, listen to me - two months ago I couldn't tell scratchy nibs from any other kind of nib! It's not a very wet writer - despite the ink carnage shown above.   I'm also not convinced that a piston-filler is for me.  But am hoping that someone will come up with the goods when it comes to hints and tips for filling it.  Think my mistake was to try to fill it right up instead of quitting while I was ahead (and not drenched in Diamine).

I'll need to play with it a bit more to see whether I love it, but have to say that so far, it's a nice little pen and I have no regrets about buying it.

Who am I kidding? I don't even remember buying it! :D 

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