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So, a couple of months back, just when I was making my first foray into the world of fountain pens, my seamstress friend, Ania Marczyk, suggested making wraps for fountain pens.

I offered to gather details of fountain pen lovers' pet hates and desires when it comes to a wrap for transporting the li'l inky darlings.  Inside my head, I went totally Dame Edna Everage there for some reason ...... Anyway,  Mark Porter was out of the traps very early - a new wrap was desperately needed and he even had the very design that he was after!  He got in touch with Ania and lo! she set to work creating the ultimate gorgeous wrap.

Of course, it was my birthday around that time and it seemed only sensible that I begged for a pen wrap as my birthday pressie.

With a sumptuous selection of coloured skins and kimono brocades, it was pretty difficult to make a selection, but in the end I went for this combo:

 The brocade on the left and the suede on the right.  Ain't it purty?

And TADAAAAAH! this arrived forthwith!

I absolutely adore it!  At the moment, she's making the pen wraps on a commission basis, but she will have some in her online store in the next week or so.

The suede/brocade combo is, I believe, about £35.00 but you needn't have suede - you can have fancy brocade and plain brocade.  I think that the non-suede options start at £25.00.  And, believe me, she's a demon with the embroidery skills if you wanted your fabric customised in some way - initials, name, li'l picture etc. to see the combinations that she has at the moment.  But, the world is your lobster when it comes to personalisation!

I love mine to BITS and carry it with me in my bag.  I feel very swish swapping out my empty pens.

Little things that give great pleasure - that's what life's about!

Got any little pen pleasures you want to share?


  1. Aw thank you for the mention, glad you like the design x


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