Fake Amazon Sellers

Really cute Fake Rabbits
Really ugly Genuine problem
There are ever-increasing numbers of fake store fronts popping up on Amazon - many of them promising high-value fountain pens for under a tenner.

There is some sterling work being done by Oddobnom Elbblircs and stalwarts over at the Fountain Pens UK group on Facebook in reporting these fraudsters to Amazon, but by all accounts they are simply hydras - as fast as one store is closed down by Amazon, another three rise up.

Jinhao 992 | 99p

When these came up on the Book of The Face as being an actual real thing - a fountain pen from China for 99p, including P&P, there was nothing else for it but to buy ALL THE PENS.

Sadly, by the time I'd decided to buy them all, SOMEBODY else had pretty much snapped up all the black ones .... and I decided (after the initial frenetic need to buy! buy!buy! had subsided a little) that I didn't really fancy all the colours - so I bought two demonstrators (the clear one), two blue ones and one cofvefe (the single best thing that Trump has ever done; given us a new colour and morning beverage)

Mindfulness of Writing

Weirdly, couldn't find an image of Buddha
with a fountain pen
The word du jour is surely 'mindfulness'.

As we struggle through our lives being genuinely busy or artificially busy (Facebook, anyone?) we seem to be rushing from pillar to post with hardly any time to stop and stare -  at daffodils, cows or anything really.

The answer, say the sages of the age, seems to be mindfulness.  But what the heck is that exactly?

Calligraphy Guide Paper Notepad

So, aaaaaages ago I signed up for a calligraphy course here on the island. Being left-handed, I was a bit apprehensive about how I would cope with learning the skills.  However, I needn't have worried because it involved a lot of tracing beautiful calligraphic alphabets and I soon found a way to tilt my paper that allowed me to do the heavy and light strokes.

The course left me with the desire to learn a copperplate script - and so off to Amazon I trotted to buy the correct paper.

Up popped Calligraphy Guide Paper Notepad - 25 sheets (50 pages) of paper lined specifically for calligraphy.  Brilliant! I signed up for two.