Fountain pen storage solution!

So after confessing my cardboard box storage shame to the world, I complained to my other half (known in blogging land as 'Tartarus' so that no-one can actually identify him!)

'I'll make you something,' he assured me as he sat on the sofa and fiddled with the controls of whatever game it was he was playing.  I didn't pay too much attention because, frankly, when he's gaming, he would promise me the moon if only I would stop talking to him.

Anyhoo - lo! He retired to the garage and started making me something from a bit of yew tree that we have stored in the rafters.

After some drilling and three coats of varnish ..... TADAAAAAAH!!!!!

Look at it's magnificence!

Tartarus: 'OK - there you go, it's got 17 holes in two sizes to take care of the bigger pens and the smaller ones.  *looks at me meaningfully and repeats*  SEVENTEEN HOLES.  HOLES FOR FOUNTAIN PENS. That should be enough, right?'

Me:  *fixates on corner of the carpet and refuses to look him in the eye* '17? Oh right, yes, absolutely. LOADS OF SPACE, darling.'

*resolves to hide rest of box contents immediately*

Sometimes you HAVE to lie to your Other Half for the sake of your marriage, right? 


And just in case you are impressed with the expanse of tidy desk that you can see in those first two pictures, here's what the other desk currently looks like .....


  1. Very nice work on his part (and yours, for the sake of martial harmony!)

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  3. Lovely pen holder. Silly man, its for your current favourite 17 pens. His next project needs to be a display/storage box for say 50 pens.

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