Diamine Ink in Oxblood

So, I know, it's going to be impossible to own All The Inks, but I'm only a couple of months into this collecting lark and I'm making a damned good attempt at it!

The latest acquisition is Diamine's Oxblood.

Do you remember back in the day when Chanel brought out Oxblood nail polish?  That dark and slightly sinister colour that hinted at femme fatale with the emphasis on 'fatale'? That colour that EVERYONE was desperate to get their hands on (or rather, get on their hands!) for the Christmas Night Out?

Well, THIS is THAT colour made ink!

So what's it like? In the bottle it is a red brown worryingly similar to de-oxygenated blood :) I honestly expected to sniff it and be hit by that irony tang that comes with a serious haemorrhage!

Once in the pen and out onto paper, I think it's a glorious colour to write with.  Lovely flow of ink in the Jinhao X450.  What happens when you use this ink with a broad nib - can anyone tell me? Is it beautifully shaded?

This one is perfect for writing with - a classy blend of brown and blue-red that gives a practical ink; a dark soul with hints of the abattoir .... really gorgeous, expensive-looking and smooth.

I can guarantee that I will be using this bottle until it is empty!  Next task on list - get some wee ink sample bottles so that I can share this!

Here's a video of me writing with Oxblood. Camera in right hand, pen in left hand.  There must be an easier way to do this!  *noob face*

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